Challenge Story

I am, doctor, Abdul-Azeez Saleem Abdul-Azeez zeidieh

I was born in The United States of America on 24/4/1970 for a Palestinian family from Ein Yabrood-Ramallah, and then we returned to Palestine in 1983.

In the same year, I had become completely blind when I was 13 years old , I saw everything black , I was prohibited from playing with those who were in the same generation as I am , staying only in my house , cannot leave my house except with a companion.

I started to stuck with everything in our house, prohibited me from all types of activities such as television, visible games …etc. I decided to rebel and challenge, I decided to change black into white, the things I stuck with into games, and blindness had become a medical dose, which should raise strength and immunization.

-At that time, challenge story started:

*I went to Talita Qumi School in Bethlehem; I was the first blinded student at that school to be accepted.

*I finished general secondary school certificate in 1992.

*I joined Haifa University at the same year.

*I finished Bachelor degree in political science and philosophy in 1996 and completed my study.

*I joined Hebrew University in Jerusalem to study diplomacy and international relations.

*I obtained Ph.D degree in 2000.

I have several activities such as:

1-An activity in Arab- American file in Arab-American University , Chicago, Illinoi 2005.

2-Focus leader in Kebaat Habiba center in 2000/

3-A guide in mass work committees in 1996

4-A guide in Insan (Human) Society in Haifa 1995

5-Focus Leader in Jewish-Arab club in 1993

Moreover, I :

Worked in the following positions:

1-Director and owner of Zediya office for real estates and properties – director and owner of Zediya office for communications.

2-Director of Al-Noor Medical center

3-Director of Medical city center

4-Director of Middle East center for studies.

*Moreover, I obtained a businessperson certificate granted to me from Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, which is granted for owners of two companies and more in Palestine.

*Moreover, an efficient member in European Chamber of Commerce and American Chamber of Commerce


Doctor Abdul-Aziz zeidieh

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